The web design process - easier than you'd think...

A lot of small business owners might think that the process of creating a website is too costly, daunting, difficult and time-consuming. However, we can help by following a streamlined process, which makes it easy for everyone!

Step 1 - Goals & Plan: We will meet to discuss what exactly your web site will do. These will become the goals and objectives that the site needs to accomplish. It is during this stage that the two parties can discover why you need a web site and possibly the outcome is that you don't.

Step 2 - Structure and Content: Together, we will go over creating a basic outline for the site, which you can do yourself, or we can plan the site structure together. This would include the categories of pages you'd like to have on the site, and any sub-sections/pages. Then, you can supply the text that goes on them, or you can work with one of our copywriters.

Step 3 - Design & Create: As your designer, I will provide you with 2-4 mock-up "concepts" that will show the basic layout scheme and navigation for the web site's pages, based on the discussions we had about structure and content. This layout which will be basically the same on all pages within thet site. Together we can look over these concepts and decide what kinds of changes to make, etc., until you are satisfied with the design. At the beginning of this step, and until completion, a private area will be set up online where you can log in and view the progress of our work.

Step 4 - Programming & Coding: I will begin to transform the layout concept into a workable web page, using HTML, Cascading Style Sheets and Javascript for the navigation areas/contact forms. This page will be tested to ensure it looks good on all major web browsers. I'll accept 3 free rounds of revisions during this step. Any major changes will require another revision or concept and may incur an additional cost. Any programming required, such as a shopping cart, site manager software, javascript, etc. will be setup during this stage to ensure functionality as required.

Step 5 - Implementation & testing: The text and images (provided by you, or copy written by our copy writer and/or stock images chosen) for each page are placed into the layout created above. 3 rounds of revisions are accepted during this step, where you can make changes and corrections to the text and images once you have seen them online. We'll thoroughly test the site after it has been fully assembled and revised. B. Woods Design tests the browser design compatibility to ensure the site will look and function correctly in Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari browsers.

Step 6 - Site Launch: The completed web site will go live online, and B. Woods Design will submit it to the major search engines. We can add additional text and pages in the future and at this time discuss maintenance & update options available.

See how easy that is? To get a basic site together usually doesn't take very long at all. Typically three to six weeks.

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